Meet Dr. Tamara Hipp Dr. Tamara Hipp (Founder)

Tamara grew up loving all kinds of animals, and wanted to be a veterinarian since childhood. Her dream came true when she accepted a position at St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of Grenada, where she spent 3 years studying veterinary medicine. She chose to spend her 4th year of school at Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine, and after graduation completed a small animal internship in medicine and surgery and Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Florida.

Tamara currently practices medicine in local clinics in Raleigh and Wake Forest, ┬áin addition to providing veterinary care through Twilight Meadows. She founded Twilight Meadows in order to offer clients an option for pet euthanasia that ensures less stress and anxiety for their pets, and provides a comfortable and peaceful passing of their loved one. It is her belief that a pet’s last moments should be filled with love and peace, in a familiar environment. After experiencing the level of comfort that home visits can bring to pets, she opted to expand the service to provide preventative care and treatment for minor illnesses in order reduce veterinary visit stress for both the pet and the family.

Tamara has two furry kids of her own, Lexi and Maiya (pictured). In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, horseback riding, and other forms of exercise. Being able to provide a pet and his or her family the best possible passing is an honor and a calling for her. She is a member of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care and has achieved her Pet Loss and Grief Companioning Certificate from the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance.