We provide complete veterinary examinations in your home.

A thorough yearly or twice yearly exam is an essential component of your pet’s health. This is the time where your vet may be able to detect early signs of osteoarthritis, dental disease, skin issues such as allergies, heart murmurs, and other medical conditions. At Twilight Meadows, we provide thorough healthy pet and sick pet exams to monitor your pet’s health.  All of our exams are performed in your home.  Our mobile veterinary practice provides a great in-home experience for you and your pet.
A healthy pet comprehensive exam includes:

  • General exam
  • Opthalmic exam
  • Otoscopic exam
  • Dental exam
  • Brief orthopedic exam
  • Brief neurologic exam
  • Rectal exam

For sick pets, a more involved examination process may be needed, and will be discussed at the time of visit. Additionally, these patients may need to be referred to a full service veterinary facility for x-rays or other diagnostics, as well as possible anesthetic or surgical procedures.